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Mathew is a California based commercial and documentary photographer. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he was raised in a creative household where photography played a large role in his life from an early age. Although the interest was always there, it wasn’t until he was in his early 20’s and living in San Francisco that he decided to pursue a more formal education in the subject. He enrolled in the photo program at The Academy of Art where he earned his BFA in 2007. He currently splits his time between Los Angeles and San Francisco working on a variety of commercial and personal projects.

AirBnB, Apple, Billboard, Bloomberg Businessweek, Blue Shield, Comcast, Complex, Courier Media, Easyriders, Elle, Fader, Fast Company, Fortune, GAP, Garrett Leight, Google, Intel, Les Echos Série Limitée, Men's Journal, Microsoft, Monocle, Motorola, Newsweek, Nike, Nylon, PayPal, Runner's World, SONOS, Special Olympics, Square, Squarespace, Stones Throw Records, Surface, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Toyota, Vogue, VSCO, Yours Truly, Variety, Wired

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